Our Philosophy


The legacy of addiction is in every American family. Addiction comes in all forms and wears many disguises, and even though you cannot always identify them, they are always all bound up in the history of the family. We know that in addiction there are no boundaries – not social, economic or political. Drugs and alcohol wrecks homes, breaks hearts, and ruins families. Substance abuse in teenagers and their families is an epidemic crisis. The self-destruction and violence that accompanies substance abuse is more radical than ever before. Teenagers are hurting, parents are desperate and families are crying out. Drugs and alcohol are at the core of almost every fatal decision teenagers make.

Angels at Risk is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teenagers and their families at risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Angels at Risk believes that when the issue of addiction is addressed very early on in life that the future of teenagers, kids and their families can be changed forever. We know that by embracing the teenager’s struggle that the entire family is given the gift to heal and grow together. We believe that teenage drug and alcohol abuse can be stopped through love. By honoring and supporting honest communication, connection and commitment on a parent to parent, teen to teen, and parent to teen level families and communities can be restored. We know that when parents and teens share together and help each other, healing occurs in their hearts and their lives.


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