A Message to Teens

Please know that at no time are we from Angels at Risk accusing any teenager or child of being a drug addict or alcoholic, that is not our intention.  What we do know is that most kids are/have been involved with some high risk behaviors that may be based around drug or alcohol use and abuse.  In most cases, drugs and alcohol may have influenced your behaviors.  What we also know is that almost every fatal decision that teenagers make are under the influence of drug or alcohol

Our wish is to raise this awareness.

We are here to share our stories with you, which may include the perils and brutalities of drugs and alcohol in hopes that you may start making life affirming choices…drugs and alcohol can hurt you, your friends, and most of all your family.  These meetings and assemblies are designed to create a snapshot and a memory for all of you in hopes that that damage and heartbreak can be prevented.  We encourage everyone reading this to please reach out to each other, to your families, or to anyone at school because all kids involved with drugs and alcohol are at risk

Truly, Angels at Risk Founders ~ Susie Spain, C.A.S.

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