Possible Signs of Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse


There are no absolutes in signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse by your child. It is always a combination of things and it is always tricky.

When communication starts failing between a parent and a teen, then obviously the connection begins to get lost and becomes dangerous for the child and their family.

We encourage families to get help right away when things start falling apart.

Below, please find other signs and symptoms to follow. Remember, most of these red flags start happening after the connection between a parent and a kid becomes lost.

Common Warning Signs Include:


Acting out in school

Dropping grades or attendance




Mood Swings Car accidents

Deceit or secretiveness

Lack of motivation

Change in friends

Missing alcohol or cigarettes, money or valuables from your house

Cash flow problems

Frequent visits to nurse’s office in school


Emotional instability

Complaints from teachers

Avoiding eye contact

Locking their door

Sneaking out at night

Abuse of prescription medication

Hiding their friends

Lack of interest in any family gatherings

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